10 things you need to know about military coins

A lot of people still don’t know what military coins are. Well, they’re used by military people mostly, although these days coins are also used by businesses, especially for recognizing the best efforts put up by their employees. People who are given military coins are exceptional people. They are those who perform better than others. In the military, these are the people who have struggled and survived with flying colors.

If you don’t know anything about military coins, here are few things you need to know :

• In the old days, military coins come in simple designs. These days, they come in different varieties. Some of them are colorful which makes you prouder to have it. There are also coins that display 3-dimensional images. Technology made it all possible. Exactly the main reason why businesses also use militarycoins for their employees who show exemplary performance.

Coins• Military people know what it means to receive these coins. However, they can never fully appreciate its meaning unless they have actually received it. When you’re awarded with militarycoins, thattypically means you have accomplished something other people have not. Especially when you got back from a war. Coins hold significant to the people who have received them for certain accomplishments.

• It is tradition that those given with military coins should carry it with them at all times.

• Not all coins are round. Depending on the organization, some coins resemble animals or objects. It doesn’t matter what form it is so long as it bears the emblem or the logo of the organization.

• Military-coins should not be tampered with. People who have received these coins usually carry it with them in their purse. Some wear it on their neck. However, they shouldn’t do anything on the coin like drilling holes in it. It will invalidate it if it’s tampered with. It should be what it is – a military coin.

• Not all military coins are expensive. But those with complicated designs usually have precious gems on them. Gold coins are of course highly expensive compared to those just made of silver, nickel or copper.

• There is a militarycoin game. They call it military coin challenge game. It is tradition for coin holders to play this game. There are rules that they need to follow of course. The rules of the game states that: all soldiers need to show their coins to everyone.

A soldier who forgot his coin will be buying drinks for everyone present during the game. If they refuse to buy drinks for everyone, there are consequences that need to be faced. He may be asked to turn in his coins. To be on the safe side, it is better for the soldiers to have their military coins with them at all times.

• These coins are also given to students or athletes for outstanding performance or service. Some athletes in Northeastern University were given military coins.


• There are people who sell their coins. And there are collectors who really buy them for their numismatic value.

• Police and fire departments also use military coins these days. They mostly give it to people in the department who have achieved something that others haven’t. So, businesses are not the only ones who use coins, almost all organizations use it these days.


• A lot of stories have been written about the history of militarycoins. Some of them are established, some are not. Soldiers have different stories about them, but there really is no clear document that shows the real origin of the militarycoins. One thing is certain though: these coins are given to people who have achieved something.

There is one important thing to remember about military coins. Sometimes it can save a soldier’s life. During the World War 1, a young soldier’s life was saved because of the militarycoin that he brought with him.

In the old days, military coins come in simple designs. These days, they come in different varieties. Each design is a unique representation is available on challengecoins4less.

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