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RockBottomGolf‘s Guide to Purchasing Golf Clubs

Science and technology have an important role when it comes to manufacturing golf equipment. There are different types and specifications of golf clubs which are all available at Rockbottomgolf. You will need to consider various things in order to get the most out of your next orders. This is to ensure that you will get the best clubs that will suit you. Getting the help of a professional club-fitter is a wise move. However, if you do not know someone who can provide you such help, following a few guidelines from the experts is the next best thing.

Choose Shorter Shafts with Closed Face Angle

Most of the drivers being sold nowadays have long shafts which commonly measure at least 45 inches. On the PGA tour though, the average measurement of drivers is only 44.5 inches. If you ask the pros, you will find out that shorter drivers are better than those with long shafts in any way you slice it. In addition, it would be a wise move if you go for a closed-face angle driver and get fitted for it. It is far better than those that have a neutral angle because many faults done by beginners are caused by an open club face at impact. At Rockbottomgolf, you will find lots of golf clubs to choose from, including those that have this specification.

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3-Wood Combination Drivers Are Better

If you are not able to hit your 3-wood as far as you can using your driver, then you need more loft for your driver. Most golfers need more than 11 degrees of loft. This is the reason why instead of opting for the regular 3- and 5-wood configuration, it is better to purchase a 3-, 5- and 7-wood combination. Many golfers are able to drop five strokes with the help of this simple change. This can improve the performance of a beginner significantly.

3, 4 and 5-Iron

Most of the manufacturers have been reducing their irons’ loft in the past 25 years. Through this, they are able to claim that their iron golf clubs can hit golf balls farther. They did this slowly and silently. On the contrary, average golfers find it hard to make hits with them because their lofts are too small. This is the reason why 3-, 4- and 5-iron golf clubs are not preferable especially for the newbies.

Hybrid Tricks

If you are thinking about purchasing hybrids, you have to consider buying those that will match the long irons that they will replace. Make sure that they are able to make the ball travel to just the same distance, not shorter or longer. You can avoid distance gaps by opting for the hybrids of the same loft and length as the long irons that they will replace. The main purpose and idea in doing this is to create golf clubs that will enable you to make hits easier.

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Hybrids and Fairway Woods Are Not the Same

Rockbottomgolf regularly receives questions (particularly from newbies) regarding the different types of golf clubs. This is among the most common things that people get confused about because there are various hybrids that are similar to fairway woods when it comes to the loft and length. Basically, you will be able to make easy hits with either hybrids or fairway woods. However, there is a simple trick to find out which one is preferable for you. If your swings are steeper, then it’s recommend that you opt for hybrids. If you are able to sweep hits off the turf cleanly, then fairway woods will work better for you.

If you are a beginner, it is safe to say that you have much more to learn aside from what you just found out here. These tips are very simple to follow yet a lot of average golfers are not aware about this. If you are already playing golf, you can improve your performance just by applying these changes. These tips will also be of great help the next time you purchase golf clubs. They can prevent you from buying the wrong clubs that will not suit you and the way you play. Of course, it’s recommend that you get fitted for you to find out the precise specifications that you need.

By the time you decide to purchase the right golf clubs that you still do not have, you can simply check Rockbottomgolf for the list of golf equipment they have in store – given the sheer assortment of their inventory, finding the ideal one is essentially guaranteed.

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