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Link Building and Keeping Your Site on Top

The struggle for SEO success is something akin to the survival of the fittest – on the Internet world, that is. And in order to stay at the top, you need to keep in mind two words: link building.

Link building is the term for the process of getting external web pages that are connected to your site. Growing your own link profile can be compared to building pathways for easier access, so more people are able to visit your page. However, while it is a very relevant fact to SEO success and getting more visitors on your site, this does not necessarily mean that you can simply connect your site to everything and then you can just sit back and relax. SEO is more than just putting links on random websites for you to gain more traffic.

Below are some information which can help you further understand the complex process of link building, and how it can help your site gain more visitors.

The Art of Link Building

SEO-CampaignsLink building is a complex and intricate art that requires creativity, wit, and even budget. It is the most challenging part of an SEO campaign, but it is also the most relevant part. Poor link building can easily drag your site down. The art of building links to your site requires thinking out of the box, but at the same time you must keep in mind the changing trends so that you are able to utilize them when you come up with topics and keywords for your link campaign.

The Power of Search Engine

algorithmSearch Engines make use of complex algorithm to determine which pages should appear first when users conduct a web search. Google’s founders, for an instance, created an algorithmic method called PageRank in 1997, which was used to determine the importance and popularity of a page. The algorithm was based on certain key principles which are now being used to measure the value and relevance of links. This alone tells us that not all links are created equal; while two websites may have the same content, the quality of the links can make a difference.

Link Signals

link profileLink signals are notable factors used by professional SEOs whenever they measure link value, as well as the site’s link profile. This helps them know which types of links are relevant. Moreover, they also get to find ways to further strengthen a website’s link profile.

Among these factors are global popularity, anchor text, local or topic-specific popularity, freshness, and social sharing. They all help determine whether the links are relevant or not. Global popularity of a website, for an instance, is necessary if you want the links to your page become more effective. The more popular a website is, the more the links from that site would matter. Thus when it comes to link building you will need the help of a strong link partner, particularly a website that is really popular.

The Dos and Don’ts of Link Building

There are strategies which you must keep in mind once you start your own link campaign. But there are also things which you must avoid whenever you build your link profile.

link building

  •  The higher the link the better. SEOs who have conducted tests of page link features have found out that links that are higher up in the HTML code pass more ranking ability than those that are on the lower down. This is an important factor, as it tells that the position of your link is capable of affecting your link profile’s value and relevance.
  •  External links are more effective than Internal Links.Simply put, what others say about you matters more. Websites that contain links leading to your page have better chances of influencing visitors to visit your site, rather than when you simply posting the content within your website.
  •  Too many links in one page is a no-no. Avoid putting too many links on your content. Not only will it make your page look cluttered and disorganized, it also lessens the value of the link. Remember: choose quality over quantity.

The art of link building may be complex, but it is a vital part in keeping your website alive. With proper building of your link profile, there is no doubt that you will gain more visitors, and your site will stay on top.